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Thursday, March 25, 2021

khwab mein surah teen parhna

Khwab mein surah teen parhna,dreaming of reciting surah teen,


Khwab mein rasta dekhna

Khwab mein rasta dekhna,dreaming of way


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

khwab mein surah al hadded parhna

خواب میں سورۃ الحدید پڑھنا

dreaming of reading surah hadeed

خواب میں سورۃ الحدید پڑھنا , dreaming of reading surah hadeed


khwab mein raakh dekhna

khwab mein  raakh dekhna

خواب میں راکھ دیکھنا

khwab mein  raakh dekhna  ,خواب میں راکھ دیکھنا,dreaming of ash


khwab mein jhoola dekhna

khwab mein jhoola dekhna

خواب میں جھولا دیکھنا

dreaming of swing

khwab mein jhoola dekhna,  خواب میں جھولا دیکھنا,  dreaming of swing


Sunday, March 14, 2021




The focus of the study was on the democratic leadership style of head teachers and how it impacts teachers morale in federal government elementary schools in the Rawalpindi region in Pakistan. This research concentrated on how teachers perceived democratic leadership style of their head teachers and how teachers feel about morale in relation to the democratic leadership practices at their schools. This research was guided by three objectives: a) To find out the influence of democratic leadership style of head teachers on the morale of elementary school teachers in Pakistan. b) To find out how democratic leadership styles of head teachers develop high morale among elementary school teachers? All thirty-two federal government elementary schools situated in Rawalpindi city were the population of study to find out which elementary school head teachers were practicing democratic leadership style in their schools. For the collection of required data, mixed methods approach was utilized. A leadership styles Questionnaire measuring democratic, Authoritarian and Laissez-faire developed by Northouse (2009) was used to find out leadership styles of school head teachers. The school head teachers who exercised democratic leadership style were considered for further collection of data. For which in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with their school teachers to find out the influence of democratic leadership style on the morale of those teachers. Further, the researcher used a basic interpretive method of analysis and thematic analysis to analyze the interview data. The data analysis showed that due to the use of democratic leadership style the elementary school teachers morale was high. Teachers acknowledged trust, support, and motivation as factors that influenced their morale. This research has confirmed that the use of democratic leadership style has a positive influence on the morale of elementary school teachers in Pakistan.
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Friday, March 5, 2021

khwab mein falooda khana

خواب میں فالودہ كھانا
dreaming of eating pudding

خواب میں فالودہ كھانا ,dreaming of eating pudding


Thursday, March 4, 2021

khwab mein pateela dekhna

Khwab mein pateela dekhna,خواب میں دیگ  دیکھنا ،


Wednesday, March 3, 2021

khwab mein galba karna

Khwab mein galib hona,khwab mein kamyab hona,


khwab mein shawl dekhna

Khwab mein shawl dekhna


Monday, March 1, 2021

khwab mein kafan dekhna

Khwab mein kafan dekhna