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 In Destan Episode 13, Turkish warriors make commotion in the nursery of the royal residence. Tilsim brings forth Batuga as of now. Since the birth took surprisingly lengthy, Kamkadin does a custom and attempts to exorcize the devil from the royal residence. Colpan attempts to help Tilsim. Alpagu comes to the castle from the front line. Danis is exceptionally astounded and lets Khan know that the birth took surprisingly lengthy. As Khan is going to go into Tilsim's room, a child starts to cry. Danir says Satan has left the castle. Colpan says that Khan has one more child and gives the child to his dad. Alpagu sees the blood in the palm of his infant child and says he will be an incredible ruler. Similarly as Danis is going to arrange the festivals to start, Alpagu stops him.

Alpagu says that this youngster has a disabled hand and returns it to Tilsim. Tilsim requests Khan what the name from this child will be. Khan takes his child in his arms and takes him to the royal chamber. Toygar asks what his grandson's name will be, however Alpagu says he hasn't settled on a choice yet. Quite a while passes and Batuga grows up. Batuga invests energy with Temur and paints in the nursery of the castle. Ece detests Batuga to an ever increasing extent and consistently says she tries to avoid him. Tilsim gets pregnant consistently, however doesn't have another kid other than Batuga. Ece says Tilsim doesn't treat her kids well. Batuga sees that his works of art in the nursery are being cleaned by the workers and he is vexed. Batuga then, at that point, goes to the feasting lobby with his mom.

Batuga checks out at the food on the table. Alpagu gets some information about China. Whenever Ece is going to drink the sherbet on the table, Batuga yells and stops her. Batuga says this glass doesn't have a place with the royal residence. Alpagu understands that there is a toxic beverage in this glass and starts to ask the workers inquiries. The professional killer in the royal residence commits suicide all together not to talk. After this episode, Alpagu says he will give his child a name. Toygar and Colpan go to the royal residence. Colpan converses with Batuga and rehearses swordsmanship with him. Everybody goes to the royal chamber and starts paying attention to Khan. Alpagu tells about the gallantry of his child and declares to everybody that he goes by Batuga. Subsequent to learning the name, Batuga inquires as to whether he can turn into a Khan later on. Danis says Batuga won't be a Khan later on. Ece says that Khan has two additional children, yet Balamir says they have Russian blood.

Alpagu says God will give one more child later on. During the function, Tilsim becomes sick. Alpagu goes to Tilsim's room and figures out that she has had another premature delivery. Ece sees Alpagu conversing with Tilsim and gets exceptionally envious of her. Ece advises Yibek that she needs to kill Tilsim and calls Vargi to her room. Vargi says she will do this task with the goal that Ece doesn't excite doubt. Ece quiets Vargi and says Alpagu will kill Tilsim. Ece needs Tai to be remembered for this arrangement and says that she will permit Temur to wed along these lines. Vargi pays attention to Ece's arrangement and makes a move. As Turkish warriors go through a valley, Chinese officers assault. Vargi puts the message on the protection of a Chinese officer, as Ece needs. Balamir finds this message from Vargi and lets Khan know that there is a government agent in the royal residence.

Saltuk asks who this swindler is. Ece composes a message to Tilsim utilizing Dag Khan's name and requests that she escape from the royal residence. Yibek furtively takes this message composed by Ece to Tilsim. Tilsim feels that this misleading message came from her dad and getaways with her child involving the mystery burrow in the castle. Batuga recollects this occasion again and again and feels that perhaps they should remain in the castle. As Tilsim is going to cross the stream, Alpagu comes and kills the Dag's troopers. Alpagu takes Batuga and asks Tilsim for what reason she fled. Tilsim says she is guiltless and never deceived Khan, however Alpagu kills her. The following day, Yibek tells Ece that Alpagu killed Tilsim. Alpagu then, at that point, goes to the Dag with Tilsim's body and kills Toygar for his injustice.

Alpagu then, at that point, says that he has banished individuals of the Mountain and gets back to the castle with his child. Alpagu discusses the Turks who kicked the bucket as a result of the Chinese, however Batuga says he won't ever converse with his dad from this point forward. Alpagu arranges every one of those from Dag in the castle to be killed. Batuga understands that his life is in harm's way and goes to the royal chamber. Alpagu orders Batuga to be executed. The killer puts the bow on Batuga's neck. Batuga can't endure anything else and swoons. Alpagu and Temur attempt to wake Batuga. Despite the fact that Batuga is just decade old, he begins to deceive his dad and starts behaving like an insane child. Alpagu figures Batuga will recuperate soon and sits tight in the royal residence for about a month. At the point when Alpagu understands that Batuga won't recuperate, he does battle with China.

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Batuga, alone in the royal residence, starts to quietly hang tight for the day when a fair consequence will be given. Ece requests that her children avoid Batuga. Yibek says that a birthing assistant needs to converse with Ece. The birthing assistant says that her own kid passed on a brief time frame back and that she considers it to be a discipline from God. The birthing specialist says she needs to tell the real factors to Alpagu. Ece requests that the maternity specialist hush up. The birthing assistant needs to admit to Khan that she has killed Tilsim's youngsters as a whole and handicapped Batuga, however Ece kills her. Kaya sees what his mom says, yet doesn't educate anybody. Batuga paints stealthily burrows, which he gained from his mom. Numerous years pass and Batuga talks again so Akkiz doesn't bite the dust. Alpagu says Batuga will be decided for deceiving Khan and orders him to be taken to his room.