Destan Episode 7 in urdu subtitles,Destan Episode 7 in urdu,

 In Destan Episode 7, By Alpagu's structure, the commitment function starts and thirty days pass. Sirma is miserable that she is as yet not free, however Akkiz quiets her down. Batuga covertly brings Akkiz and takes her to the passage in the royal residence. Akkiz can't comprehend what's happening and follows Tegin. One of Balamir's administrators comes to the festival and says he is shocked. Balamir says all that will be better very soon. While Alpagu is discussing the body in the royal residence garden, a kid comes and says that this lady isn't the paw of a two-headed wolf. Khan is exceptionally amazed and needs to scrutinize the kid. Akkiz sees that the exit of the passage is open and starts conversing with Yaman. At the point when the young man takes a gander at Akkiz, Khan calls her as well. Akkiz says she has seen this kid previously.

Khan asks the kid inquiries and sends him to the basement later. Khan then, at that point, asks Akkiz inquiries and asks her for Kun Ata. Akkiz says she could never do something like this and afterward goes to converse with Sirma. Khan says he needs to effectively quiet everybody down. The individuals who come to praise start to believe that the two-headed wolf is as yet alive. Saltuk realizes what occurred in the royal residence and promptly goes to converse with Colpan. Khan tells that Balamir double-crossed him. Balamir denies all allegations and says another Khan ought to be picked. Alpagu says the regulations again and there is no requirement for a political race, however Balamir objects. Alpagu says he will converse with the large committee in the wake of reasoning for some time.

Alpagu gets back to the spot of festivity and starts conversing with the ancestral pioneers there. Khan says in the event that his kin have little to no faith in him, he will leave the post. The people who came to celebrate say they trust Khan. Immediately, Alpagu says that anybody there can loot the castle. Every one individuals are exceptionally blissful about it. Balamir is incensed that his arrangement doesn't work and passes on the royal residence to meet with his own officers. Akkiz says Khan has won once more. Batuga requests that Akkiz leave the castle and surrender her vengeance. Akkiz declines this right away, however at that point submits to Tegin's organization. Sirma emerges from the passage in the royal residence and sees Yaman. Batuga likewise emerges from the passage and gives Yaman gold. Akkiz and her companions quickly start to create some distance from the royal residence.

Ece salutes her better half for how he treated Balamir. Khan orders Saltuk to be brought to the royal residence straightaway. Danis says Balamir ought to be rebuffed however Khan says they will do it later. Khan requests that all swords having a place with Balamir and his warriors be gathered. Balamir goes to his base camp and starts conversing with his warriors. Balamir requests that an overall assault the Tegins and fault the hook. Khan asks Kaya to inquiry the kid, however Gunseli objects. Alpagu lets them know that nothing terrible will happen to the kid and sends Kaya away. Batuga hears something while heading to save the kid in the basement. Batuga approaches the divider and hears the kid perusing the Quran. Batuga then, at that point, opens an opening in the divider and starts conversing with the kid. The kid says that he read the Quran since he felt awful and says that the hook has previously come to the royal residence. Batuga is extremely shocked to hear what the kid has said and understands the paw's arrangement. At the point when Batuga was going to leave the basement with the kid, a trooper came.

The fighter takes this kid to the prison. Kaya torments Kuzu here and alarms the kid. The kid starts to feel that Kuzu is the companion of the hook. Batuga learns of Kaya's arrangement and slips away the castle. Akkiz and her companions begin watching Balamir's fighters from a far distance. In the mean time, Temur comes and requests the blades of everybody in the camp. Balamir objects to Temur. Temur battles with his uncle and beats him. Akkiz involves what is happening and converses with the kids in the tent. Akkiz then, at that point, burns down certain tents. Temur quickly goes to the kids and saves them. Temur is exceptionally furious with his uncle on account of what befell the youngsters. Batuga goes to a hotel and starts to watch the men betting there. Kaya keeps on tormenting Kuzu.

Alpagu understands that Batuga isn't in the royal residence and starts searching for him. Saltuk attempts to hoodwink the Tegins by utilizing a few government agents and sets off right away. Yibek begins to search for Akkiz, however she can't track down her in the royal residence. Yibek gets Tutkun and lets everybody know that Akkiz got away from the royal residence. Akkiz goes to Colpan's tent with her companions. Colpan understands that they got away from the castle and becomes extremely furious with Yaman. Colpan says Khan's fighters will come to go after soon. In the mean time, Kaya and his fighters set out for the Dag clan. Akkiz shows the message in her grasp and says that somebody put out a snare for Tilsim years prior. Colpan understands that somebody is helping Akkiz and asks who this man in the castle is. Akkiz doesn't respond to her and says that it is important to dig Toygar's grave. Colpan first items to the present circumstance, yet later acknowledges this proposal to get her dad's seal.

While Colpan is going to the burial ground with Akkiz, Kaya sees them. Batuga gives gold to one of the smashed men in the hotel and requests that he enter the prison in the castle. This inebriated man goes to the royal residence entryway and says he needs to converse with Khan. While Kuzu converses with the kid about the hook, the officers take this intoxicated man to jail. The alcoholic man covertly converses with the kid and requests that he keep calm regardless. While Akkiz is going to dig the grave, Kaya assaults however falls flat. Sirma shows Akkiz the veil she saw as in Balamir's camp. Akkiz comprehends Balamir's arrangement and makes a move right away. Temur sees Saltuk in the backwoods and assaults him, yet Balamir furtively lays out a snare for him. Kircicek tells that Akkiz attempted to kill Khan a brief time frame back. Akkiz comes to the castle while Alpagu requests that his fighters get ready. Akkiz says she carried Kun Ata to the castle.