In Destan Episode 9, After the assault, Balamir goes to the woods and expresses gratitude toward Kircicek. Kircicek believes that her dad will before long be Khan and is exceptionally cheerful. Alpagu goes to the mountain with Batuga to observe the blossom that Kun Ata said before. Akkiz assists Alpagu with resting. Gunseli harms Turkun, yet she laments what she did. Danis tells that Khan went to the mountain without telling anybody. Ece is extremely irate about the present circumstance, and yet, Gunseli comes and says that she harmed Tutkun. Temur promptly goes to the horse shelter and actually takes a look at Tutkun. Mei says she will give the remedy yet for certain circumstances. Ece quickly acknowledges Mei's circumstances for Colpan to help Alpagu. Colpan discovers that Tutkun has been harmed and begins to contend with Ece.

Temur attempts to quiet Colpan down. Kun Ata observes the blossom he is searching for and starts to treat Alpagu's injury. That evening, Balamir and his military assault the castle. While Ece and Colpan are quarreling over what befell Tutkun, Balamir enters the royal residence. Balamir sits on the privileged position. Kaya and Temur attempt to stop Balamir. Danis stops everybody and permits Balamir to take the privileged position for a brief time. The following morning, Akkiz realizes what occurred in the royal residence. Akkiz tells Batuga that Balamir has taken the high position. Alpagu visits his significant other's grave. Batuga sees his mom's grave yet sits idle. Akkiz requests that Alpagu follow through with something, but he says he isn't solid any longer. Akkiz attempts to convince Khan and lets him know her arrangement. Alpagu pays attention to Akkiz's arrangement and permits her.

Balamir says he has chosen who to outcast from the castle. Kaya says Balamir won't be Khan. Ece requests that Gunseli apologize to Tutkun. Kaya says that he needs to wed Akkiz to become Khan, yet his mom objects to him. Gunzeli says she got the toxic substance from Kircicek, however she couldn't care less about the allegations against her. While Danis and Saltuk are discussing what Balamir did in the royal residence, Akkiz's mystery message comes to the castle. Saltuk discovers that Alpagu has an arrangement to uncover Balamir's misleading arrangement. Saltuk tells this arrangement to Kaya and makes a move right away. Colpan says she excuses Gunseli. While Ece is discussing what to do at the gathering from Colpan, Saltuk comes and tells about Akkiz's arrangement. While Kircicek is conversing with Standards in the horse shelter, Balamir comes. Balamir requests that Standards get Yaman.

Standards acknowledges this assignment and promptly begins searching for Yaman. Kaya and Temur squabble over Akkiz's arrangement. Saltuk says that Standards has forgotten about the castle and sets with Temur. Alpagu discusses his youth that evening and afterward gets some information about the burial places. Akkiz goes to the woodland the following morning and meets with Yaman. Akkiz says she feels awful for serving her dad's killer. Yaman says Akkiz just serves Batuga and requests that she quiet down. Yaman then, at that point, gets back to the woodland to get Standards. Saltuk gets back to the castle and says that Akkiz's snare worked. Saltuk says that Akkiz will address Standards. Alpagu starts to examine Standards and asks him concerning Balamir's arrangement. Standards keeps on saying that Balamir is honest regardless of the relative multitude of torments. Yaman pushes Standards and keeps on beating him. Standards subtly takes the blade from the beginning.

That evening, Akkiz goes to Batuga's tent and starts watching Standards. Batuga tells that Standards will escape soon so they will uncover Balamir's arrangement. Standards cuts the rope in his grasp and quickly gets back to the royal residence. Colpan converses with a few ancestral pioneers and lets them know that she will demonstrate Balamir's disloyalty. Standards converses with Kircicek and requests that she call Balamir. Balamir then, at that point, comes to the room. Standards tells that Alpagu is as yet alive and what befell him. Balamir understands that Alpagu knows it all and kills Standards to eradicate all the proof. In the mean time, the troopers of the phony paw assault Akkiz yet fizzle. Colpan tells that these men are generally working for Balamir. Yaman understands that these men are quiet and this ruins Akkiz's arrangement.

Ancestral pioneers say they won't uphold Alpagu and return to the castle. Colpan says Akkiz's arrangement didn't work. Colpan says that assuming Kaya weds Tutkun, she will uphold him in the gathering. A cleric from the Chinese royal residence comes and starts conversing with Mei. The cleric then, at that point, goes to Ece's room and says that in the event that Temur isn't the Khan, the Chinese officers will go after soon. Temur flees from the royal residence with Tutkun and this drives Mei extremely crazy. Temur rides with Turkun. Akkiz says that all will be well soon and it is great that Batuga doesn't wed Kircicek. Akkiz then, at that point, takes Batuga to Tilsim's burial chamber. Batuga converses with his mom and starts to cry. Kircicek sees that Batuga can really talk and subtly gets back to the castle. Whenever Alpagu approaches the burial place, Akkiz becomes irate with him and requests that he carry on like Khan once more.

 Alpagu says he is too frail to even think about being Khan. Akkiz starts to rehearse swordsmanship with Alpagu before the political decision. Colpan understands that Kaya is lying and says she will give her vote to Balamir. Ece can't endure anything else and goes to the mountain to converse with her significant other. Danis begins the gathering meeting and Khan presents his competitors individually. Board individuals start to decide in favor of Balamir, and Kaya sees he won't be the new Khan. In the mean time, Akkiz furtively calls Kircicek and requests that she uncover her dad's arrangements. Kircicek says she will let everything know that Balamir did in kind for wedding Batuga. Because of casting a ballot, Balamir is chosen as the new Khan. While Balamir is commending the political race result, Alpagu comes and goes after him. Balamir says Alpagu can't kill the new Khan. Danis stops Alpagu and says he will be rebuffed for going after the Khan. Batuga acknowledges Kircicek's deal. Then, at that point, Kircicek gets back to the committee and says that her dad put out a snare for Alpagu at the hunting celebration.