In past episode, Batuga mixes and sees Mei. Mei says that she got Batuga on the plans of the Chinese Emperor. While Batuga endeavors to sort out what's going on, Mei says that Kaya will kill him soon. Saltuk and Akkiz say that seeing Batuga at this point is aggravating. Akkiz says she will return to the palace and will ask Khan for help. Following to focusing in on what Akkiz said, Temur begins to recognize that his mother killed Tutkun.
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  An adherent's most exceedingly awful adversary is Satan. How well do we know our adversary? In any case, he knows us very wellDestan Episode 20 in Urdu Subtitles Demand makes it lethargic. Destan Episode 20 in Urdu Subtitles In request to make Satan stoop and decimate him, we will initially become Muslims appropriately. Presently you say, how can we go to be appropriate Muslims? The Messenger of Allah said: Whoever is satisfied with Allah as a Lord, Islam as a religion, and Muhammad as, a fulfilled prophet with them, 
Gunseli rapidly demands help from Calayir so it doesn't come out that she isn't pregnant. Ece starts to consider how Khan got this ring and gets particularly pushed. Mei goes to a house watching out and spreads out a relationship with Kaya in Ece's name. Kaya analyzes this message yet rapidly gets a handle on that Ece didn't send it. Akkiz and Temur begin to watch Kaya's headquarters from a remote spot.
Ece calls Mei and gets a couple of data about the ring. Mei denies all that and says she didn't spread out a catch for Ece. Akkiz stops Khan and says Kaya will kill Batuga. Alpagu doesn't find out about what's continuing on and values that Akkiz didn't send the message. Batuga begins to fantasize in view of the effects of the horrendous substance. Kaya sees the pit where Batuga was kept and sees that he has been hurt. While Batuga figures he will die, Kaya attempts to shed the poison from his body.

Colpan calms Saltuk again and demands that he bring more information. Calayir convinces everyone that Gunseli is pregnant by using the punch she bought from botanists. Ece is astoundingly splendid and demands that Gunseli talk with Kaya immediately. Alpagu rapidly gives Batuga to the palace and calls the informed specialists in general. Mei sees that Batuga is currently alive and is scared as her methodology didn't work.
This approaching episode will be on air on April 26, 2022. What will be the following move of Akkiz and Batuga against their adversaries? Can Alpagu khan make solidarity between his children? Will Batuga be the Khan of Gok Sultanete? What will be consequence of battle against China? To observe this large number of realities visit our site
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