barbarossa in urdu

rbarossa episode 29 in urdu

barbarossa episode 29 in urdu

Barbarossa Episode 29 in Urdu Subtitles

barbarossa episode 29 in urdu

barbarossa episode 29 in urdu

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In Barbaroslar episode 29, Meryem says she sat inactive. Pietro says he will fail horrendously because of what happened to Leonardo. As Oruj asks Leonardo a couple of requests, the Knights of Rhodes transport begins to attack them. Barbarossa episode 29 urdu captions Gladius started looking for Hizir on the island to get him. Oruj's buddies ended at the knight transport and continued with their trip.. Watch Barbarossa Episode 29 Urdu captions underneath, Barbaros episode 29 ,Barbarossa Episode 29, Barbarossa Episode 29 urdu inscription, Barbarosa Episode 29 Urdu Subtitles

In Barbaroslar episode 29 Together with Piri Hizir, he attacked the knights and subsequently went to their boat. Exactly when Gladius saw a dead body in the forest, he immediately went to the harbor and endeavored to stop Hizir. Gladius failed to get him when Hizir made an opening in the boat in the harbor. Shahin says he will deal with Unita's liabilities. Sahbaz battles his kin yet can't stop him. Sahbaz tells Shahin that he should never commit a blunder in this. Some time later, the emir came to the inn and said that Oruj had squashed the Christians.

In Barbarosa episode 29 Oruj says Elijah should marry Esther now and requirements marriage courses of action done as fast as time grants. Hizir quickly meets Meryem as she wanders the island. Meryem let Hizir in on what had happened in the castle and went with him to Alexandria. Pietro finds that Meryem has given Kalymnos and orders Piri to be killed. Dervish appeared while Antoine and Leonardo were talking in the cellar. Dervish said it was fundamental for help prisoners of war and illuminate them with respect to his religion.

In Barbarossa episode 29 Piri says that a seriously prolonged stretch of time back she was attacked by Christian contenders while she was painting an aide of a royal residence. Piri continues with her story and says Dervish saved her. Dervish then, took Piri to the Sultan's tent. Lord looks at the photographs in Piri's scratch cushion and recognizes how able she is. Ruler doesn't repel Piri and demands that she continue to draw cards.Watch Barbaroslar Episode 9 Urdu captions underneath, Watch Barbaroslar Episode 29 Urdu captions under, barbarossa episode 16 in urdu, barbarossa episode 9 in urdu, Barbarossa Episode 29 Season 1 In Hindi/urdu, Barbaros episode 29, Barbarossa Episode 29, Barbarossa Episode 29 urdu inscription, Barbarosa Episode 29 Urdu Subtitles

The privateers in the lodging say that the trade has been destroyed by the Oruj war. Piri said they completely dealt with the Muslims in the Mediterranean and squashed the privateers. After Piri leaves the lodging, Pietro's men attack her. With Dervish's help, Piri defeats the attackers. Piri sees Dervish and offers thanks toward him for his help such seemingly forever earlier. That night, the wedding celebrations started at Oruj's estate.


Barbarossa episode 29 ladius attacked the boat safeguarding Lesbos and got them rapidly. Gladius mentioned that the boat's gun head for the island. Sahbaz devises a plan to get Leonardo out of Oruj and takes action. The next day, a hidden man enters the jail and kills the Oruj officers. Antoine is especially delighted to see this man and expresses thanks to Pietro.

In Barbaroslar Episode 29 Isabel learns of her sister's whereabouts and trusts that Oruj in the forest will save her. At the point when Piri expected to get Antoine and Leonardo, the Sahbaz privateers ended her. Sahbaz let Leonardo in on what his personality was and set out to take him to the port. Pietro met with specialists of Christian countries and let them in on that they would after a short time obliterate Turkey in the Mediterranean. A man comes to the castle while Pietro says that Leonardo is not far off. This man is Oruj and says he will finish Pietro's plan before it starts.

barbarossa episode 29 in urdu