Destan Episode 27 in  English / Urdu Subtitles


Destan Episode 27 in Urdu and  English

Dastan Episode 27 in  English and Urdu Subtitles

Destaan Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

 In Destan, Episode 27, Alpagu slowly opens his eyes and realizes that something is wrong with the palace. Alpagu then leaves his room and sees soldiers sleeping in the corridor. Alpagu believes that someone attacked the palace and took the sword. Akiz and Batuga started talking about their new life. Batuga said he was very happy with Akiz. Akiz says he wants to tell everyone about this marriage. Alpagu calms Gunseli and wakes Kaya. Gunseli realized that her husband was still alive and started crying happily. Obar’s spy returns to the Western Khanate and says he hasn’t found Barak’s crown. The spy says he poisoned Alpagu, Kaya, and Temur. Obar asked where Batuga and Akkiz were. The spy tells that Batuga took the crown to a secret place in the forest. Obar was furious, but when he learned that Saltuk was dead, he calmed down a little.

 Destination Episode 27 Kayi Family Alpagu finds out that Kolpan wants to bury Saltuk and gives him permission. Alpagu says he will choose a new commander for his army when the sun rises. Back at the palace with Akkiz, Batuga sees some bandits on the way. Akiz started following these bandits. Alpagu turns to his army soldiers and says that the new commander is Temur. Kolpan starts crying and prays for Saltuk. Akiz kills the bandits and saves the women. Akiz realizes that these women are Muslims and says they are free now. One of the women said they were taken to Saina. Akiz says these women are safe to live in the city. Alpagu started coughing as he said he was about to attack Obar’s army. Kam noticed the wound on Alpagus’ neck and realized that he was poisoned. 
Destan Episode 27 in Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 27 in English Subtitles

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