Osman is insane. Is this person considering beating us with a lot of folks? The low canine! Toxophilite! Little sheep. Little sheep, sweet sheep of honey. Come wolf sibling. The sibling who adored the fog and became sidekicks. The sibling who directs the streets. Spirits the mystery is tackled. The mystery is settled. The mystery was settled by his office. He considered, read, the vagrant of Mecca contemplated. Move, he's coming. His name comes from the delightful and lovely Mohammed. Cover it up. Cover your sweetheart. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu And Hindi Dubbing HD. There are ways the heart, the brain spry. My heart is very I clear my brain. There was no such thing as you, you existed. You existed, you vanished. Solidarity is the entire state. To the state, hu! To the state, hu! This entryway is the state entryway.

Kurulus Osman

This entryway is a private entryway. With unopened wrist. With rugged psyche. It cheers up. Thirds, sevens, forties, forty ones hey to you! Allow our state to exist. Get Cihan nura gark. The strolling man let the world be the state. Have a decent appearance. Farewell Sit down. Little sheep, sweet sheep here you go. God made man. He offered him guidance and heart. The language of the psyche the trimming of the language is the word. I heard is truth. All that exists will stop to exist. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 with Urdu Hindi Dubbed. I heard is truth.

An honorable man becomes propitious as he submits to the custom. I heard it is reality. Presently opening the heart the time has come to sharpen of the brain. I was welcome to harmony. I came to the white couch. My point re-starting our oven. Pardon me assuming I have any shortcoming. Keen minutes, proficient knows. The person who knows arrives at his will. Casually, the pusat you wear the pony you ride the bedding on which you lie the way you walk, your fantasy isn't yours.

Time isn't yours. The spot isn't yours. The child isn't yours. The breath isn't yours. Who is it? It has a place with the country. Country has a place with country. Universe it's ablaze. It breakdowns. It disperses. Satan's military strikes as it hits it separates. Individuals anticipate trust from us. He needs us to stand up. In Turkish by sticking to Islam. Osman, child of Ertugrul Satan's military consumes the world.

Time elapsed rapidly, and our creatures were stuffed by Allah. He prepared the winters. Who is this? Could it be said that you are Yusuf? Hayda! I remained in the dull wells. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Hindi Dubbed. You are Hasan. Be who? Whose hands are these? These hands these iron-clasping hands my little smithy's name is the hands of my delightful Ahmet. Picking your wildflower eat their hands I am Yiğit Ahmet. Gonca Hatun give Ahmet your treat. We should accept it. Have you assembled your heap?

kurulus osman season 2 episode 1 hindi urdu dubbed