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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Dreaming of Adobe maker interpretation in Islam

 Adobe maker: In a dream, an adobe maker represents someone who earns his

money from his own sweat and saves his earnings. Molding these bricks and

drying them in the sun in a dream means prosperity. Handling wet adobes or

stampeding a wet adobe mix and smoothing it in a dream means distress, toiling,

sorrow or corruption. Half-dried molds of adobes placed under the sun in a

dream represent workers or servants. (Also see Adobe; Bricks)

Adobe: (Money; Sun-dried bricks) Seeing blocks of adobes in a dream signify

money. Each adobe represents a denomination often, thousand or one hundred

thousand units of money, depending on the type of work one does in wakefulness.

 If adobes are used for construction in a dream, then they mean good work,

good deeds or they could represent a religious person. An adobe in a dream also

represents a servant. Building a house with adobes in a dream means unity and

love between the father and his children. If an adobe falls to the ground in a

dream, it means the death of a sick person or disunity in the family or dispersal

of one's children. Manufacturing adobes in a dream means increase in the

number of one's workers or employees. Each adobe represents a worker.

Building a house with adobes in a dream also means leadership. A pile of adobes

in a dream means a pile of money. (Also see Adobe maker; Bricks)

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