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Dreaming of Air interpretation in Islam


Dreaming of Air interpretation in Islam

Standing in the air in a dream means being honored or acknowledged by a

governor, though it will not last. If one has exaggerated hopes, arrogance, pride,

or if he is a self-centered individual, then his floating in the air represents mere

disturbed dreams. Walking in the air without ascending or descending in a

dream means receiving dignity, honor and earning lawful money. If one does not

qualify for it, then walking in the air in his dream means travels. Hanging in

the air between the heavens and the earth in a dream represents a concerned

heart and uncertainty about what to do! Falling in the air in a dream means

despair or loss of status in wakefulness. Falling in a dream also means relief

from distress, wantonness, or satisfying one's needs. Clear, fresh and pure air

in a dream represents a good time to take a trip for business or pleasure. Air

in a dream also represents one's desire and passion. Thus, disobeying one's

mind, desire and passion in a dream means entering the heavenly paradise.

Following one's desires in a dream means negligence of once religious duties.

Standing up in the air and speaking loud in a dream means blessings, favors,

money, honor and fame. Sitting in the air in a dream means arrogance and self


regarding religious opinions. Building a house up in the air or placing

a mat in the air or raising a tent in the air means death of a sick person, and

what is built in this case is one's own coffin. If a governor sees that dream, it

means his dismissal from his office or his death. Seeing that dream after a

wedding or after having marital relations with one's wife means mistrust and

loss. It also means involvement in an uncouth action, lacking knowledge of the

Holy Book and prophetic traditions, because what one has built lacks a foundation.

Flying in the air in a dream may mean travels. Flying with wings in a

dream has stronger connotations and is safer. The wings here will represent

money or power. Swimming in the air means benefits or business travels. If the

air looks opaque in one's eyes, so he cannot see the skies in his dream, it means

problems with one's superior. If one does not have a boss, then it means that he

may lose his sight. If all the people witnessed the air opaque or red in the dream,

then it means a major calamity and a trying adversity. (Also see Ascending in

the Skies; Flying)

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