Barbaroslar episode 4 in urdu hindi dubbed 
 I will have a child. I will give you a child. Much thanks to you Lord! Express gratitude toward God he heard my supplications! He didn't make me childless. Malhun chick, you quieted the fire in my chest. You gave the uplifting news of paradise to my tent, to my Obama. Presently, you say now. Anything you wish from me! Seeing you cheerful like this is the best satisfaction for me. Particularly assuming there is a kid, in the event that I have a main successor

honey! It will be my child! Great
news for us all then, at that point. No difference either way! Leave it alone.. Permit me, sir. Consent is yours. Osman Bey, this should remain between us until further notice. Allow me to go to Konya and afterward we can do anything you desire. We'll conceal it, you say it's right brother, you say it's right, we should keep it. How might we do Osman, how might we make it happen? Ayşe will be dubious, I realize she will be dubious.

Another wolf-looked at come, huh. Better believe it. Come on
, mashallah, I went, come on. honey. Tomorrow I will leave for Konya. I have a significant make a difference to talk about with the Sultan. Before you go, I need you to know something. What's that? You don't need to conceal that you are cheerful, Osman. I know how cheerful Ertuğrul Gazi is that his will be satisfied, that his yearning for a child will reach a conclusion. While conversing with your sibling during the day, I heard how upbeat his voice was.
Barbaroslar episode 4 in urdu hindi dubbed

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