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Focus on Stem arif alvi president

 At first, the program would be presented in 50 schools, he said, adding that uncommon research centers would be assembled and instructors would be given explicit preparing. 

"These schools will likewise be related with colleges. The schools have been chosen simply on merit, not political reasons. The directors will be our visitors [in the present event]." 

Another period of progress will begin as a result of these STEM schools in which we have provided another guidance to the training framework to make our understudies serious universally, he further said. 

The program would have three angles — labs, instructor preparing and STEM modules, he shared. 

In the mean time, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, who recently held the arrangement of science and innovation, named the program a "distinct advantage". 

He said he had planned the program on the grounds that the nation will "not change" until government schools are modernized. 

"I'm extremely glad that this arrangement is transforming into a reality regardless of deferrals," he said in a tweet. 

The priest communicated trust that more schools would embrace the STEM model after its execution in 450 schools at first. Colleges have been told to "embrace" schools and work fair and square of science instruction, he shared.

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