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Na Milte Gham Toh Barbadi Ky Afsane Kahan Jate in Urdu

na miltay ghum to barbadi ky afsany khan jaty

نا ملتے غم تو بربادی کے افسانے کہاں جاتے
اگر دُنیا چمن ہوتی تو ویرانے کہاں جاتے

چلو اچھا ہوا اپنوں میں کوئی غیر تو نکلا
سب ہوتے اگر اپنے تو بیگانے کہاں جاتے

تم ہی نے غم کی دولت دی بڑا احسان فرمایا
ورنہ ہم یہ اپنے ہاتھ پیلانے کہاں جاتے

Poet: Ibrahim Waloo Karachi

Na Milte Gham Toh Barbadi Ky Afsane Kahan Jate
Agar Duniya Chaman Hoti Toh Veerane Kahan Jate

Chalo Acha Hua Apno Mein Koi Gair Toh Nikla
Sab Hote Agar Apne Toh Begane Kahan Jate

Tum Hi Ne Gham Ki Dolat Di Bara Ehsan Farmaya
Warna Hum Yeh Apne Hath Pehlane Kahan Jate

Poetry In English
Where would the stories of destruction go if sorrows were not found

If the world was a garden, where would the deserted go?

It's good that there was a stranger among our own.

If all were ours, where would the strangers go?
You are the one who did a great favor to the wealth of sorrows.

Otherwise where would we go to wave our hands

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