Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles Let the people who come, be pusat to the individuals who leave! Nobody will emerge! Nobody! You will get every individual who comes to the motel! Never return suddenly! Lets! It's your order, sir! Come on siblings, please! Lets! God restrict anything happened to anybody, Kornelya. Clearly, somebody needs to kill Osman Bey. Reason sentence to Mr. Osman What's the matter with exploding Söğüt? Who does Cornelia such a villainy? Obviously, during such a critical time, it can't be anybody other than Gündüz Bey who needs to end the existence of Osman Bey. What is your take, Selvi hatun, what sort of word is that? What is your take, Erdoğdu? Didn't you realize that the willow has detonated!
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I'll proceed to tell Malhun. They say that Söğüt likewise detonated his cerebrum at Gündüz. What do you say, Cornelia? How did Mr Gündüz turn out to be a miscreant? At any point did we know him? Try not to get it done, cornelia Gündüz Bey is a detainee. How can he do everything? Mightn't you at any point see somebody put out a snare for my ruler? Imagine a scenario in which I see what I don't have the foggiest idea. Everybody is discussing it. Shepherd! Shepherd! My sibling! My sibling! We did it with the goal that it would detonate in the unbeliever's chest. We have this too. I'll be shipped off with our own firearm. Shh, what a goodbye sibling, what a goodbye! Where do you go before Inegol thunders? I wish that as well, sibling Cerkutay. Triumphs will be without me, yet my heart is calm. There will be triumphs. Sibling! Allow me to share with my sibling, my ruler, let my master give his right. Sibling! Turks are not detainees. It bites the dust free. Eşhedü en la ilahe illallah wa ashhadu anne Muhammeden abduhu ve rasûlüh Barbarossa Episode 30 in Urdu Subtitles Gone! Gone Cerkutay gone! Akça shepherd Akça shepherd Akça shepherd… The territory controlled by Osman will be broken like its alps. We're simply beginning, Barkin. Osman didn't pass on. However, he will watch his standing and friends and family evaporate. We would agree that whoever he trusted, however Kosses and Turgut emerged in spite of everything. It implies we're not going after sufficiently hard, Barkın. You won't stop until their blades are pointed at one another. We have become pusat to our own oba.