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PTV had arranged to air another show series called Takht Abdelhamid on Wednesday, February

This is the extraordinary gallant story of Sultan Abdul Hameed, The battle of Abdulhamid II to keep Ottoman Empire and Caliphate This series is made by Osman Bodur (2017-2021). The show is popular in Turkey and abroad especially Pakistan and Azerbaijan yet additionally has been prohibited in Arab nations and Fatawa has been given against this show. The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan commended the show and prescribed individuals to watch it. Presently formally, the series is communicating now on PTV in Urdu naming.

Show Name: Sultan Abdul Hameed

Language: Turkish With Urdu Subtitles

Season: 2

Episode: 206

Ruler Abdul Hameed Khan, who transformed history by making progress toward the endurance of the Ottoman Empire and rising the lofty position in, completing this troublesome series for quite a long time under the title of 'Extraordinary Haqqan'. Hayat's theatrics "Under the Base" is being broadcasted on TRT channels with sequential S film creation.

Shooting for the play has started on the Koja Elixa movie set, coordinated by Sardar Aqar. While the job of Sultan Abdul Hameed is being played by popular entertainers.

The most inquisitive period throughout the entire existence of the world is being introduced on the screen through the underpinning of Abdul Hameed.

Ruler Abdul Hameed, who assumed an essential part in sustaining the presence of the domain through his power and knowledge for quite a long time while rising the lofty position in a period of different stunts on the planet and keeping his eyes on the Ottoman central area.

"Payitaht Abdul Hameed", in view of the endeavors of this courageous figure somewhat recently of the rule of Sultan Abdul Hameed II, when the Western powers attempted to shape the "new 100 years" for their own advantages.

The primary subject of the show is Struggle!

The show series, which narratives significant occasions from the 1530th year of the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid in, likewise includes the "Battle of Greece", a long-running dramatization that finishes in the Ottoman victory.

One of the main tasks of the Sultan's prosperity, the undertakings of Hijaz rail route line and numerous other significant occasions will be introduced on the screen.

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Ruler Abdul Hamid Episode 206 in urdu by PTV

Sultan Abdul Hamid Episode 206 in urdu by PTV