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Eid-ul Fitr Dream Meaning , What does it means to observe Eid-ul Fitr in dream?, Dream about the Eid-ul Fitr, Dream Meaning,F,

Eid-ul Fitr Dream Meaning , What does it means to observe  Eid-ul Fitr in dream?, Dream about the Eid-ul Fitr, Dream Meaning,F,

 Feast of breaking the fast: (arb. Eid-ul Fi1r; Lesser Bairam; Ramadan; 1st of

Shawwal) Witnessing the feast of breaking the fast of Ramadan in a dream

means overcomingdepression, dispelling stress, regainingjoy, ease in one's life,

acceptance of one's prayers, repentance from sin, recovering one's losses, relief,

finding a lost object, prosperity, comfort, spending money and exchanging gifts.

(Also see Feast of Immolation)

Feast of Immolation: <Haii;Eid-ul Adha; Feastofsacrifice; 10thofZul-Hiiiah; Greater

Bairam; Manumission; Sacrifice; Pilgrimage; Responding) Witnessingthe Feast

of Immolation (arb. Eid-ul AdhJi) in a dream means reminiscing the past,

renewal of past celebrations, reviving a state of joy, recapturing moments of

one's pleasant past, escape from destruction, salvation, redemption, release

from prison or freedom from debts. (Also see Feast of Breaking the Fast; Ram;


Feat: (See Boast; Bragging; Daring; Exploit)

Feather: (Clothing; Help; Little; Plumage; Wings) Feathers in a dream may denote

evil or they could mean majesty, beauty or strength. Feathers in a dream also

represent the house of a pious person.

February: (See Earthquake; Thunder)

ablution room in his dream, it means that his spendings or deeds are recognized

to be a fulfillment of his desires, ostentatiousness and love for fame. If one

excretes in an unknown place in a dream, it means that his deeds will not be

acknowledged, nor will he receive any reward for them. Going to the bathroom

in a dream means dispelling one's worries, paying one's debts or paying an

unavoidable alimony for his children. Putting a shirt in the wilderness and

defecating inside it rather than in the field in a dream means committing a sin

and carrying its consequences for sometime to come. Excreting in the wilderness,

then covering one's feces with dirt in a dream means hiding money. To

defecate in a marketplace in public in a dream means incurring God's displeasure

and the curse of His angels. Throwing feces at someone in a dream means

starting a fight or opposing him in opinion, being unjust to him, or causing him

great losses. The consequences also may backfire at the assailant. If one sees

himself standing inside the sewers and searching through the filth with a stick

in his dream, it means that he might become ajudge and be accused of bribery

or misuse of people's money. Seeing human excrements in a dream means

abstraction of movement, stalling of businesses, or facing complex and harmful

adversities. To soil oneselfwith people's feces in a dream means sickness or fear,

or it could mean good benefits for a person whose acts are filthy and abominable.

(Also see Impurity)

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