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Dreaming of Accountability in Islam



Dreaming of Accountability in Islam

In a dream, accountability has various levels of interpretations.

If an employee sees that he has received his account promptly in a dream it

means rising in rank and increase of one's income. If one sees himself under a

strict supervision or reckoning in a dream, it means humiliation, distress or

perhaps loss of his job. If a person is investigated in a court of people he does

not know in a dream, it means that he has strayed into innovation and will

remain accountable for his deeds. (Also see Reckoning)

Accountant: In a dream, an accountant represents an astringent person who also

has the power to carry sentences. If his accounting is strict and detailed in the

dream it means that his sentence will be severe and painful. (Also see Accountability)

Accumulating debts: (See Tripping)

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