Historical Research

Historical Research

The researcher uses Historical research when he wants to examine past events. It Focuses primarily on the PAST. There is No manipulation or control of variables.

Why researchers conduct historical research?

Researchers conduct Historical research to increase knowledge of people about past happenings to make them able to learn from past failures and successes. They conduct Historical research to test hypothesis and see the applicability of that information for solution of present-day problems.

Process of Historical Research:

At first Researcher finds out the problem, then locates the relevant past event, after that analyses gained information, at the end draws the conclusion.

Types of Historical Research:

There are four types of historical research:

         Oral history

         Autobiography narrative history

         Life history

         Case study history

Oral History

Oral history is about living people’s experiences.

Autobiography Narrative History

An autobiographical narrative is about people life experience. It is a story about memorable event of life.

Life History

It is used to explore a person’s experiences within a macro-historical framework. It is also used in sciences to see the health of person in different period of time.

Case Study History

Researchers are using the case study research method for many years to understand complex issue .In medical sciences, it is used to see the development of diseases with the passage of time.