Chapter 1

Introduction to the Thesis

Introduction to the Thesis

Are you anxious to know how to write introduction of thesis? If yes, then you are at the right place. While writing introduction of your thesis, you must keep these things in your mind:

1.      Describe your topic:

a)      That simply mean what is the topic about.

b)      What is the back ground of topic.                                                                                                

c)      Why it is important.

d)      Why you want to research on it.

e)      Do you have any interest to do research on that topic.

f)       Either it was researched before.

g)      If it was researched before than what were the limitations that made you to research on that topic again.

h)      What would be the benefit of that research to the society.

i)       Is it possible for you to conduct that research?

2.      Define your Problem statement:  

a)      Is there any need to further research on that topic.

b)      Which things motivated you to do research at that topic.

c)      Where this problem lies.

d)      How you find out that problem, for example, Theories, Literature and your Personal Experiences, etc.

e)      It must result in new finding in your area of research.

Here are a few examples of problem statement:

a)      The study examined whether standardization of test improves education or not.

b)      The problem of the study was is there a relationship between motivation and secondary school students’ academic achievements.

3.      Hypotheses:

a)      What you are going to find out.

b)      What are your assumptions.

c)      What would be the result of your thesis?

d)      Make testable hypotheses.

e)      You should be clear about it.

Here are a few examples of Hypotheses:

a)      Stress and poor performance of employees are negatively related.

b)      There is no relationship between Stress and poor performance of employees.

4.      Research Questions:

a)      Enlist research questions to test the hypothesis.

b)      You must identify good research questions that make the respondents to answer.

c)      It would help you to remain focused on your research. Clear research guides in the whole process of research.

5.      Here are a few examples of Research Questions:

a)      What are the factors that creates stress for employees?

b)      How job stress effects the employees?

6.      Significance of Research:

a)      Read the problem statement it will guide you in writing significance of study.

b)      Describe clearly what is your idea about your research.

c)      Determine the specific contributions of your study

d)      What makes your research unique and important from other researches.

Here is an example of Significance of a Research entitled:


Significance of the Study Example

This study may provide a platform for decision makers in adopting appropriate courses of action needed by those to be appointed as head teachers of primary schools, for the development of the education system. It may also add knowledge to the type of leadership styles used in primary schools. (Andende,2016)