Dreaming of Ambergris :see in provided section

Ambergris: (See Galia moschata)

Dreaming of Ambiguity: (See Fog)

Dreaming of Ambulate: (See Circumambulation)

Dreaming of joy,A,Dreaming of Amnesty,Dreaming of Amusement,Dreaming of Ammonia,

Dreaming of Ambush: An ambush for an assiduous student in a dream, means

acquirmg knowledge and it could be interpreted as spoiling the performance of

one's religion. -

Dreaming of Amenities: (See Dwellings; House; Luxuries shop)

Dreaming of Amity: (Affection; Benevolence; Love) In a dream, amity between people means a wise judgement, understanding the consequences of things, realizing one's benefits, unity and balance.

Dreaming of Ammonia: Mixing a solution of ammonia in water in a dream means hoarding tainted money and spending it in evil and unlawful ways.

Dreaming of Amnesty: (Absolution; Acquittal; Pardon) To be granted amnesty in a dream means a safe passage in real life. (Also see Pardon)

Dreaming of Amulet: (Incantation; Prayer; Talisman; A prayer worn around the neck or cherished to word off evil and attract good fortune.) When a prayer is read in a dream following the prophetic traditions to help a sick person in the dream, it means protection from sufferings, dispelling distress and dissipation of sadness. If the amulet or the talisman carries a personal spell or wish, then it is nothing but lies, falsehood, affectation and hypocrisy. 

If the person who recites the incantation in the dream is a craftsperson, it means that he defrauds the people and fakes his product. If he is a man of knowledge, it means that he lies or hides his true knowledge, abstains from giving true advice, or perhaps he offers a poor quality of worship. If the one reciting the incantation in the dream is a judge, it means that he will give a wrong judgement.

 If one is given to drink some water over which specific prayers were recited in a dream, it means longevity. If one sees himself reciting an incantation, or if he hears incantations recited on his behalf in a dream, it will all be false except for a prayer that recites: 'In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate' or contains a Quraanic revelation.

Dreaming of Amusement: Diversion or amusement in a dream is a sign of glad tidings, recovery for the sick, prosperity for the poor, honor after humiliation, scientific advancement, higher position, or it could mean travel. (Also see Games)