Dreaming of Anklet Interpretation in Islam ibn e siren

Dreaming of Anklet Interpretation 

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Anklets: In a dream, anklets represent one's son. Wearing golden anklets in a

dream means a severe illness, or that one may commit a major sin. However,

if a woman sees herself wearing anklets in a dream, it means that she is safe

and protected. If she is unwed, it means that she will marry a gracious and a

generous person with whom she will live happily and content. If a man sees

himself wearing a pair of golden anklets in a dream, it means adversities,

distress or imprisonment. It is said that anklets in a dream represent shackles

in wakefulness, except for a wedding ring or a necklace. What a woman sees as

beauty or imperfect in her anklets in a dream will reflect upon her husband. If

she is unmarried, the anklet will then reflect on her adornment or makeup. In

a dream, anklets also represent honor, wealth, dignity and beauty.

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