Interpretation of  Announcement in dream Islam  Ibn e Siren

 Announcement: (See Fame)

Announcement in dream,Interpretation of  Announcement in dream Islam  Ibn e Siren,

Announcer: In a dream, an announcer represents a man of dignity who manages

people's business, including the high and the low, who brings unity 

between people and his services are most beneficial to everyone. 

(Also see Broadcaster; Piper)

Annoyance in dream islam Islam Ibn e Siren: (See Asthma)

Anoint: Anointing oneself with perfumed oil or with liniments in a dream means

acclamation of praiseworthy deeds. Applying a liniment as a treatment to

construction laborers, mail carrier or the like people in a dream means renewal

of their strength, and increase in their income. (Also see Amber)

Antelope in dream islam Islam Ibn e Siren: (See Deer; Gazelle; Oryx)

Anthill in dream islam Islam Ibn e Siren: An anthill in a dream represents a village. (Also see Village)