Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 91 with Urdu Subtitles

 Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 91 with Urdu Subtitles 

 Kurulus Osman in urdu 

 Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 91 Urdu Subtitles

 kurulus osman season 3 episode 91 urdu subtitles

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  In Kurulus Osman episode 91, Geyhatu is amped up for his tactical coming soon and says he will take care of all of Anatolia. Vizier says Mesud can achieve something, but Geyhatu asks him not to stretch. Kurulus Osman episode 91 Meanwhile, a Mongolian warrior says that they couldn't kill Nikola. Geyhatu turns out to be particularly incensed with this news and says he will start the attack. Geyhatu demands that Gunduz stick to their game plan and send fighters. Osman examines the castles that the Mongols demolished already and says that Nikola should go with the Turks. Kurulus Osman episode 91 Boran tells that Julia is near the tribe and can attack at whatever point. Turks and Byzantine heroes begin to design together. Gunduz orders that the assembled obligation be given to the Ahis. Konur meets with Osman and says that Geyhatu will attack the insubordinate Turks. Konur continues to talk and finds that Gunduz will send officials to Geyhatu. Osman says that now Gunduz needs to pay for what he did. eyhatu sees a Mongolian shaman playing out a custom and kills him. Turgut starts to hold on in the forest with the whole outfitted force. Turgut finds that Geyhatu is in the forest with the Vizier and defers his decision to attack. Cerkutay puts on the shaman ;s articles of clothing and goes among the Mongolian officials. Cerkutay entreats with the officials. Geyhatu shows up at this base in the forest and says these officials are incredibly gifted. Geyhatu then, really checks the dangerous inside the chests out. Malhun starts shopping with Aygul in Sogut. Kurulus Osman episode 91 Osman then, banters with Nikola and tells him that he will tell them that he is his administration employable while entering the castle. Cerkutay assaults the horse carriages at the military establishment. Nikola carries Osman into the castle and says he really wants to chat with the Emperor. Nikola tells that the undercover specialist he brought to the royal residence knows indispensable things. Osman goes into the room and says he is Ertugrul Ghazi kid. Turgut and his officers attack the Mongols. Malhun goes to the woodlands alone to trap Julia. After Osman leaves the castle, Nikola notices him and says that the Emperor has recognized the game plan. Julia stops Malhun in the forest and says she will kill her. Malhun says that Julia is gotten and the Turks hiding away in the forest begin to attack. Malhun gets Julia in a short period of time and takes her to the group. In Kurulus Osman Episode 91 Osman invited the safeguarded young people and their families to his tent. Osman served the set up dishes to his guests and started eating with them. Ahmed started let Osman in on what had happened at the shelter. Cherkutai chats with Aigul once more and asks regarding the reason why he would prefer not to get hitched. Aigul says again that he would prefer not to be heartbreaking, but Cherkutai says that he will continue to keep it together for him. The sheik recognizes Osman's course of action and banters with the vizier. That evening, Abdal goes to the castle and says that Marie is with Osman. Koses was very flabbergasted by the current situation. Abdal continued to talk and said that Nicholas hurt Marie. Koses is furious with Nikola and says that he will help Osman with getting back at him. Hearing the sheik's hello, the vizier was incredibly happy and said he would go to the capacity. Kurulus Osman season 3 episode 91 Urdu subtitles, Kurulus Osman season 3 episode 91 Urdu inscriptions, Kurulus Osman season 3 episode 91 Urdu subtitles, Kurulus Osman season 3 episode 91 Urdu inscriptions, Kurulus Osman episode 91 Urdu inscriptions, Kurulus Osman episode 91 Urdu subtitles. Kurulus Osman episode 91 Osman's military killed these administration specialists separately. Osman finally gets Gregor in Sogut. Gregor apologized to Osman regularly. Osman tells Gregor that he progressed all of his plans from Akca and faults him for endeavoring to kill fair people. Osman says the discipline for this bad behavior is downfall and executes Grigor. Subsequently, people leave their homes and find the motivation behind why Osman killed Gregor.