Enacting in dream meaning

Embroiderer in dream meaning: An embroiderer in a dream represents a bright and an intelligent

person, a trickster or someone who embellishes his words and exaggerates his

explanations, or he could represent a writer, a man of letter, a refined person,

a poet or a fine singer. (Also see Monogram)

Emerald in dream meaning: Seeing an emerald in a dream denotes martyrdom or the blessings that

are created for a believer in paradise. If one buys' an emerald in a dream, it

means that he will win a dear brother, associate himself with a group of

righteous brothers on the path, raise well behaving children, acquire a useful

knowledge, or earn lawful money.

Emergence: (See Appearance)

Employee: (See Accountability; Office)

Employment: (See Accountability; Office)

Emptiness in dream meaning: In a dream, emptiness represents the dwellings of a foreigner. It may

also represent breach of contract, betrayal, death of a sick person, rest after

exhaustion or peace after bewilderment. (Also see Deserted)

Empty space: (See Deserted; Emptiness)

Empty: (See Deserted; Emptiness)

Enacting in dream meaning: Enacting ablution rites or performing the acts of ritual ablution without

water (arb. Tayammum) in a dream means nearing the solution of one's problems.

(Also see Tayammum)

Enamelist in dream meaning: (Coating; Glazier; Pride) In a dream, an enamelist represents someone

who is proud of himself or who is arrogant and deceives himself about his

greatness, wealth and attainments, or who mixes with and befriends stupid

people and opens his heart to them.

Enamored in dream meaning: (Love; Poverty) To see oneself inflamed with love for someone in a

dream represents distress, adversities, blindness, deafness or notoriousness.

Such a case may draw people's compassion. If a sick person sees himself in a

dream inflamed with love it may mean his death. Fire in a dream also means

love. Love in a dream also means heedlessness and failure to fulfill one's

religious obligations. It also means financial losses, losing one's child, divorce,

despise of one's friends, hunger, travels, sickness or dangers. Being enamored

with God in a dream means a strong devotion and certitude. Pretending to be

in love in one's dream means straying from God's path. If one finally reaches his

beloved to mates with in the dream, it means that adversities may strike at him,

or affect his or her beloved. (Also see Love)

Enclosure: (See Hedges)

Encroachment: (See Infringement)

Encyclopedia: (See Reference book)


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