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Savasci Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles


Recent,Savasci all episodes,Savasci Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles,Savasci Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles,Savasci Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles,

Savasci all episodes. Savasci Episode 24  with Urdu Subtitles. Savasci Episode 24  in Urdu Subtitles.
Savasci Episode 24  Urdu Subtitles. No man will give it to you. Women can never stand two things. A profile picture of a masked person giving a recipe. Secondly, is there any beeping pets? Instantly they lower the sails into the water. Try it, it's fixed with experience. Commander. Ha. And baby photos, it works fine. Oh exactly, and a baby photo… You know this job, you understand. He even took a test with Galip.
Recent,Savasci all episodes,Savasci Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitles,Savasci Episode 23 Urdu Subtitles,Savasci Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles,

What if I have a baby test. Let me tell you if I win. Go away, Commander, I did not participate in the test, by the way. Galip, what kind of man are you? What is the baby test? No test, sir. In other words, Emre's foot shaking, that is, nothing is a test. What about Serdar? Ha? u What is a DM? Commander, do you really not know the DM? no. Commander, did they ever leave you a DM? Sounds of laughter I'm a walk away from here now. Glmes Yes, so we don't know.

DM what? In other words, direct message to DM, you know, the internet is special… What if these are the internet, give it up guys. Commander? Ha. What's your nickname, I'll follow you. Meat, zorro99 What? Zorro99 has bottom tires though. Sounds of laughter Serdar Allah Allah sounds of laughter Thank you. Well, as if we did it for you huh. Serdar Do not follow.

God Bless Laughing Sounds Expert av Alp Karhan. Alp Helicopters are ready, sir. All right, thank you. Gentlemen, we are going to Akyaka district. This means u, we will pass through Dereboaz. salute to our intelligence. There is a danger of ambush. Our job is to get the convoy back to work safely. Did you understand? Always a little less, my commander.

Let's go. I will also talk about this cake issue with you. What should I do, brother, we're already breaking out of sociality. I'm creating a crisis on the internet. Savasci Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free Al koum. Savasci Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free First, I'm tempted by the guys who give the cake recipe. Secondly, if you call me brother with green on you again, I will carve you out. All right, my commander. Now, Aunt Selver talks about you as Kaan's elder brother… …I remember it from there. Otherwise, you don't get it wrong. By the way, I also enjoyed their food. I swear it's ttyor on my nose.

I only watch my mother's cooking. Pastac Zorro. Ready commander. Come on guys. Door closing sound Car sounds continue Helicopter sound continues Helicopter sound Ready when we hope? Ready commander. Let's go. You're welcome, commander. Look for it. Wow, you say you'll pass the most crazy place, oh my dear. Commander, there is no place we haven't been, but this is the worst place. Indeed. Is this the place for Serdar Bip? Serdar ses Temenim, have you ever made a cake?

Let's be careful, Kaan. I think we'll find out what that thing is very soon. Thriller Gun sounds card, my brother Tank sounds Gun sounds Thriller Star, let's call your brother right away. Mom, just calm down. Savasci Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles free Yldz, let's call the prison, let's call your brother now. Mom, it's unclear what's going on. stop one. Hah Yldz, your brother is in jail If these things are happening in Darda, who knows what's going on inside? Even if we go, they won't see it now. Yr we are going.

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